CCNLB Celebrates Frances Moore’s 100th Birthday

CCNLB Celebrates Frances Moore’s 100th Birthday

We will be celebrating Frances Moore’s 100th birthday on Thursday, October 14th in the Fellowship Hall at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Meet Frances

Frances Moore turns 100 this month.

Frances has been an icon at CCNLB these past 27 years. Before that she attended Calvary Baptist Church for many years before it later became Calvary Chapel North Long Beach.

For many years Frances resided on 59th St. in a charming 100 year old home that we believe was the family home. It was just a few years ago, that Frances invited several us to her home for refreshments and a wonderful piano recital when she played a number of songs on a baby grand piano in the parlor. She kept her home decorated for the seasons of the year with decorations in each room of the house. There was also a dining room table, and another table in the kitchen that were always set with dishes ready for guests to come by anytime. Frances always had her radio on, turned up so she could hear gospel programs throughout the day.

For many years she drove to church until it became evident that she should no longer drive. Several ladies from the church would pick her up each Sunday. For many years we had a 6am prayer meeting on Tuesday mornings and Gayle and Betty Sturdevant would bring her dressed and ready to pray, sometimes just needing help with clasping her necklace upon arrival. She was always dressed with accessories and makeup ready at 6 am!

One vivid memory is a Sunday when we didn’t see Frances at church. We became very concerned when she couldn’t be reached by phone. Pastor John and I went by after second service and looked in the window. We saw what looked like Frances reclined on the couch. Instead of calling 911, we decided it best not to have her door bashed in by the firemen, so Pastor John climbed though the bathroom window standing on whatever he could find, and got in to see how she was. She said she could get not up because her back hurt, so we did end up calling 911 to have her evaluated. They got her up and she was mobile and all was well. The firemen knew her, because it wasn’t their first time there. As time went by she needed more care, and at the age of about 96 years old, her new residence became Catered Manor on Virginia Road where she lives now at 100!

If any of you have a memory or picture of Frances that you could share for her slide show please email it to the church at and we will be sure to add it.

Please do R.S.V.P. at so we have an idea of how many will be attending Frances’ 100th Birthday on October 14th.

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    Elizabeth Johnson

    Happy birthday Frances. I wish I could be there to see you Thursday. Congratulations, and God bless you!

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